April 24: Nuggets of Gold

From A Nomad Homecook’s Perpetual Almanac Cookbook (The PAC)(c) 2020 OTBI

Babies are precious gifts from God. Their wellbeing is in our loving care and their guidance is our concern and joy for the rest of our lives. Their bottoms particularly are in our hands for their first few years, as they grow from diapers to potty training. This is a messy necessity that happens daily for a few years, and it can actually be a pleasant experience for you and your child. Think of how they feel during the change, not how frustrated or tired you are. My daughter liked to put her toe in my nostril while I changed her. Hey, it’s a free distraction, good to enjoy those as they come.

Expecting parents, make the investment in a leakproof and swim-friendly cloth diaper system. It is softer and gentler on their delicate skin and the planet but it will be harder on you if you’re not keen on doing laundry. My advice is, do 1-2 loads of laundry  daily, or when you are close to running out of back-ups. Remember you’re handling poop here, people. Don’t let the diapers go unwashed overnight or your world will get stinky quickly. Clean diaper and wipes separately from other laundry and knock loose poopie into the toilet before holding them in drybags. Run a rinse first then wash in high heat using a full load of dye- and fragrance-free laundry soap. Do an extra rinse  before drying on high heat.

Apparently if you hang clean cloth diapers and wipes in the sunshine for an afternoon, the sunlight will bleach and further sanitize them. Really try to minimize your use of disposables so your child can grow up on a healthier planet. Opt away from the harsh chemicals contained in disposable baby wipes and choose to nourish your baby’s skin (their body’s integumentery system!) with natural and *essential oils. To note, our child only got diaper rash when we used commercial products.

Make your own cloth diaper changing kit for use in your changing areas and diaper bags. Use one of three 3-12″ zippered wetbags to hold the dirty laundry, stationing one in the diaper changing area, attaching one to your baby bag, and having one extra to use on the fly while you are laundering. In your changing area, fill a large shallow basket with: 6 washable cloth changing mats, 50 cotton cloth wipes, a bottle of baby wipe solution, 12 waterproof diaper covers, and 24 cloth diaper liners. Change those bottoms often and use additional overnight pads for their first 9 months so you can sleep longer through the night.

For an especially pleasant diaper change for your tater tot, spray the solution on wipes kept in a warmer. Don’t spray the solution directly on the baby’s skin because it will be cold and they will urinate in your face from the shock of it (in which case you may deserve it!)

*I’m not a healthcare professional. Please verify proper use and discuss potential side effects of using natural and essential oils on babies. Always use child-safe non-toxic products in your home.

Baby Wipe Solution

Shake well before spraying on a cloth wipe until saturated. Do not spray directly on baby’s skin.

Fill a 16-oz glass spray bottle with the ingredients, leaving an inch of headspace.   

16 oz distilled water

2-3 Tbsp vitamin E or coconut oil, or aloe gel

10 drops tea tree essential oil

10 drop lavander essential oil

Close and shake well then pour off some solution into a 6-oz covered, plastic spray bottle for your diaper bag. Be sure bottle spouts can be locked to avoid leakage when tipped.

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