• DWC Graphics

    Introducing Wade, our recent addition to the OTBI Artist Collective! Wade is an Inventor and Graphic Designer who resides in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Defiant Art Gallery

    All artwork is copyrighted by Dennis O’Coyne. Contact otbink (at) hotmail.com with inquiries.  

  • The Center of the Fire by Jelaluddin Rumi (13th century)

    Photo by Natalie Janovak. “Sunrise after Fox Bay Fire, 08.18.2012,” Summit at Guardsman Pass, Utah No more wine for me! I’m past delighting in the thick red and the clear white. I’m thirsty for my own blood as it moves into a field of action. Draw the keenest blade you have and strike, until the …

  • clicHEART

    A collection of pieces borne from one question: What are we doing here? Images copyrighted by N. Janovak, 2008