By Natalie Janovak. Photo: Peaks at Dawn from Campbell Basin, Crystal Mountain, WA. March 1, 2013  

  • on the road again

  • TREKreating: Navajoland

    By Natalie Janovak Any lover of the outdoors is likely familiar with the code “Leave No Trace Behind.” The pure and simple logic behind this is to leave a place as you found it, if not better, so others can enjoy the land as you did. At its root this is preservation at its finest. …

  • Gear Up for Sweet Solitude

    By Natalie Janovak All year long, outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike seek out pockets of sweet terrain in nature’s playground. The good news is that powder hounds, Nordic skiers, mountain bikers and hikers can all find a hearty dose of paradise up Big Cottonwood Canyon at Solitude Mountain Resort, just a 40-minute jaunt southeast …