Free Flow

Copyright © 2017. Image by J.D. O’Coyne. Used with permission.

To free flow is to ride a savored moment with the creative flow. Sometimes something comes out. Other times, not. It’s because you can’t find the force that you can’t force it. Rather, it finds you then forces you into animation. That said, something interesting will always come out of tapping into the creative flow.

I believe that everyone has an art within their grasp. We are here to inspire and be inspired no matter what it looks like. Some people write, some snap pictures or play music, while others build or tear down and even more simply point. To free flow daily assumes one can ride the flow that is readily available to everyone at any time. There are no rules and the only goal is to allow your authentic self to surface so you can ride the flow as long as you can.

But it is not very easy. To ride the free flow you must make conscious effort with every moment to align yourself with your purpose at this present moment. That can be hard to see without practice. That’s because the outside world defines and structures our life experiences. Within the flux of life we learn to compartmentalize and categorize our experiences. This prevents us from being a part of them, a part of a great weaving of our shared experience. We are having our own experiences of the same thing. And that’s what’s breaking us apart.

Free flow is all about unification. Anything else is forced and will one day end. It begins with being open to inspiration within the present moment. Inspiration to create is a great way to start the day no matter the pending objectives. Practicing nonattachment to the outcomes will bring peace of mind when you lay your head on the pillow at night. Cheers to a good rest.

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