March 31: Food Storage + Emergency Preparedness

From “A Nomad Homecook’s Perpetual Almanac Cookbook (The PAC)” (c) 2020 OTBI

It behooves any person to refine their instinct for the security and protection of their person, family, property, and home, no matter where they live or how much they trust the people they live with. Home/property invasion is an emergency to be prepared for, and heaven forbid it happens to you. This list may seem extreme if you live in the suburbs, but I assure you in this day and age tragedies can just happen no matter where you live.

Here are a few tips to hone your situational awareness:

  1. Spend enough time at home to comfortably know the status of your perimeter. That way you will easily notice if someone’s been there, if something’s missing or out of place.

  2. If you don’t use technological security and surveillance in your home, consider a system or have your neighbors keep an eye on your place while you’re away. Dogs are great protectors during work hours.

  3. Many a thief has been deterred by an effective, well-placed decoy or warning sign. An ex-policeman I once knew hung his range practice results on the window above his back gate.

  4. Never get too intoxicated that you are unable to take care of your self, children, or others. Practice moderating yourself in general. Always drink and use prescription drugs responsibly.

  5. Know your address and close landmarks to provide instruction to emergency services.

  6. Have important numbers in your phone and prominently posted, including 911, poison control, doctors, priest, etc. for children, guests and babysitters.

  7. Physically scan your home perimeter three times daily. It’s a good opportunity to note home and yard repairs and weed a little. This way when something’s off, you’ll notice.

  8. Turn on lights and scan rooms upon entering your home at night. Secure all windows, doors and children after sunset.

  9. Lock the doors when you are home and keep only one door unlocked if you will be outside.

  10. Never leave your young children alone outside for too long, especially if you live near a busy road with street parking or in an area with lots of transient foot traffic. At the very least, keep a clear view of your children from your house window.

  11. Keep your indoor and outdoor spaces clean/manicured, organized, secured and in good repair and you will just have an easier time in the administration of your life.

  12. If you witness suspicious activity, go immediately to a safe room and call 911. Gather your kids and loved ones, lock the doors, shut the blinds, crouch low and take shelter-in-place. Remain quiet and do not leave until you are cleared by emergency services.
  13. If contronted by a burgler, always use calm words and take actions that may safely diffuse the situation. If you surprise a burgler, act quickly take cover as they may be armed. Use your arms and legs to protect your head and vital organs if your are shot at.

If safely possible, call 911 and our heroes in blue will always to come to your rescue. If you have access to a gun, here I must note our 5th Ammendment Right to Bear Arms. Three-in-ten American adults personally owned a gun in 2019. That’s 393 million people, roughly 46% of the population. Illegal guns are out there beyond those numbers and it is that population that I’m concerned about when it comes to home invasion. In my world, if you draw a weapon then you intend to kill. I have the opinion that everyone in America should legally own, maintain, and regularly practice with a firearm. If a gun is ever in your hands then you will have the proper training and practice to keep a clear head and a steady hand in a potentially deadly situation. That being said, I am a practicing Buddhist and I will not take the life of a sentient being. I will, however, physically injure them if my person is threatened or if they are threatening a child.

Guns are weapons that bear heavy consequences, no matter the reason or justification. They should never be used as a tool for intimidation. On the other hand, in the wilderness a gun may save your life from a cougar attack or guarantee your dinner if you’re hunting. Teach your children to use guns safely and responsibly and always keep your firearms in a gun safe separate from ammunition.

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