The Sea Caravan: Chapter 3

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James stops to adjust the straps on his pack when he has an unexpected stroke of luck that makes his heart rise and sink at the same time. The GEOforce van that he had been following since Clearwater washed ashore.

A few hours ago he spotted the van as he was headed back to the Freebird camp on his bike. He was shocked to see his wife in the back seat, and when the streetlight went green he had to react fast. He pedaled his bike as quickly as his legs could handle, but was too late. He chided himself for lending the Gypsy Bandwagon to Bob because he had no hope to catch them by bike. He could only assume that Lulu had been taken into custody and was being transported to Columbia City. The van was now cratered with dents and most of the paint was scraped off. It had obviously tumbled down the line a ways.

James climbs over brambles of debris to reach the van on the other side of what was a lake, now that the rain had subsided. He is saddened to find two people dead but encouraged to see a door torn off and an empty backseat. His spirit rises with the hope that Lulu made it out alive.

James removes the bodies and checks them for identification. He opens the hatchback and finds sealed boxes that were badly water damaged and contained various belongings from Ohana. If he had suspected that an escorted Agent would be visiting Ohana that morning he would never have volunteered to help Bob in Clearwater.

He buries the bodies under a tree by the shore then pulls a sandwich out from his pack. Chewing, he considers his next steps. If Lulu has survived she would have had to seek shelter from the storm. James recognizes the area and suddenly shakes his head, realizing that a ski resort is only 5 miles away. If she is anywhere, it will be there. He takes a swig from his canteen and slides the pack onto his shoulders then turns his bike north.

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