The Sea Caravan: Prologue

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“I won’t beat around the bush. Your expertise led you to this table, Agent2. Your partner on this mission is transporting Dr. Villalobos to Headquarters as we speak. She needs to finish her research, and you are to establish contact at Anacortes in five days and accompany her to Peru. We need you to gain her confidence and trust. Your background will make you useful to their goal.”

Sergeant Cox drops a file on the table with a loud thud. Agent2 thumbs through it then stops to pull out a glossy photo of the perpetrator. Dr. V’s cropped black hair is streaked with alternating purple and red highlights. An elaborate tattoo on her right shoulder curls down her arm to the inside of her wrist. Her eyes carry a deep mind and are assertive bordering on an aggressiveness that is offset by a broad smile. Her nose is pierced and her earlobes have plugs the size of a dime.

“She looks like a thousand other girls in Columbia City. What is she, 30?” Agent2 asks.

“She’ll be 33 next month. As you can see in her CV, she’s quite brilliant despite her young age. She completed her doctorate at 26 and just recently extended her studies informally at the medical school. Her emphasis is oncology- your specialty.”

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