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Outside the Box Ink’s business model utilizes a 5-step phased approach that spans the project lifecycle. We can assist with your project at any point and help you carry it from idea to ink.

Step (1) Consultation + Analysis

Step (2) Research + Planning

Step (3) Development + Design

Step (4) Packaging + Delivery

Step (5) Evaluation + Archiving

Whether you require refreshed webcopy, promotional articles, research, data management assistance, or general business consultation, OTBI offers solutions based on operational objectives and timely delivery.

OTBI specializes in:

  • Targeted Writing (hard/softcopy) + Technical Editing
  • Group Presentation +Facilitation
  • Research + Reporting
  • Multimedia Communications
  • Process Development
  • Instructional Systems Design
  • Training and Data Management
  • Organizational Change Management

Want to see what can OTBI deliver to you?

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